• Descripción

    Diseño modular
    Caja de arena para gatos automática, todos los módulos, excepto la unidad principal, se pueden limpiar, que se pueden limpiar y limpiar fácilmente.

    Ahorro de arena sin desperdicio
    El contenedor de reciclaje automático Cat Littler Box incorporado está diseñado para reciclar la arena restante extraída durante su trabajo, que puede reciclarse para un uso secundario.

    Control inteligente de inicio/aplicación con una sola tecla
    La caja de arena para gatos con autolimpieza viene con un puerto de carga USB, una batería de litio de 40OOMAH incorporada, la caja de arena para gatos puede permanecer en funcionamiento durante 10 días y la interfaz USB se puede usar en interiores y exteriores para deshacerse del problema de la carga.

    Este producto no es adecuado para gatos discapacitados, incapacitados o ancianos, ya que es posible que no puedan entrar o salir del producto.
    Este producto es adecuado para arena para gatos de partículas pequeñas, como arena para gatos de bentonita, arena para gatos triturada con minerales y otra arena para gatos aglomerable, no apto para arena para gatos con tiras de tofu y arena para gatos que no se apelmaza.

  • Especificaciones

    Es un dispositivo inteligente: NO
    Característica : semicerrado
    Material : Plástico
    Tipo : gatos
    Color : blanco, gris, rosa, azul


    Parámetros de la caja de arena autolimpiante
    Dimensión exterior:
    29,921 X 18,504 X 9,646 pulgadas (pulgadas),
    Dimensión interior: 20.866 X 13.504 pulgadas.
    En cuanto al uso de bolsas de arena: se pueden usar bolsas de arena con un tamaño de 18.701 X 11.811 pulgadas o más
    Capacidad de arena para gatos: 3~6L,
    Capacidad de la caja de arena: 3,5 l, adecuada para hogares con varios gatos.

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Customer Reviews

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Kenna Bartell

It's just super! An excellent tray of available without a lid and connection to the sewer, only an outlet is required. Packages are expensive, but this is easily solved by other packages or none at all. Deodorization mode does not always cope with the smells of my cat, so I got an additional automatic odor remover. I have a mainkun, the tray copes with a bang, and the weight can withstand and it is quite possible not to clean the container for 1,5 days or even 2. not 10 of course, this is apparently if you have a small cat. Cat tray is not afraid. The only thing is when cleaning the pot, why the Apple TV is cut out, I haven't figured out what the connection is, but it is😬By the way, you can take the filler with finely ground soy or grind it yourself, then it can be thrown into the toilet👍

Camren Yost

LW Vofford | Self-cleaning non-stick design cat litter box with APP control.

Dagmar Strosin

The product is excellent! Worth a lot! The problem was that it was not notified that the product could be held in customs. I found out on my own and needed to commit myself to after I sent the documents to customs they handed me. It was necessary to make a complaint about the CTT a decoproteste. That's what solved it. The seller helped with the documentation, but at a certain time due to immense delay wanted to blame me for the incompetence of the delivery company. Have been many months to receive the product. Delivery was estimated for October and I only received the product in December. Gets the tip. Always keep track of the product and try to solve the matter of customs clearance as soon as possible. I took one month to understand that the product was stuck in customs and understand what it should do to release. I did everything online through the website of the CTT in the area customs clearance. I paid the tax charged by customs, but CTT does not meet the delivery time, I made 2 direct complaints before using decoproteste.

Beverly Sanford

Arriving 4 days faster than scheduled delivery
Nothing more than a product and works well!

Maryjane Braun

The litter is of very good quality, easy to install it launches cleaning automatically 20 min after the passage of the cat. The seller answers questions very quickly. I am delighted with my purchase for the moment

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