• Description

    This is a powerful professional diving watch, There arescuba diving /freestyle mode.In scuba diving mode, the watch can display compass direction, diving depth, NDL time, dive speed/ascent speed, current time, current temperature. Can meet any of your diving needs, in addition, this watch is also a multi-functional outdoor watch, the specific functions are as follows.

  • Specifications

    • Band Length: 25cm
    • Water Resistance Depth: 10Bar
    • Style: SPORT
    • Movement: Digital
    • Case Shape: Round
    • Case Thickness: 16mm
    • Boxes & Cases Material: Paper
    • Band Material Type: Silicone
    • Band Width: 24mm
    • Dial Window Material Type: Hardlex
    • Model Number: AQUA
    • Item Type: Digital Wristwatches
    • Dial Diameter: 48mm
    • Dive Mode 1: Scuba diving Mode
    • Dive Mode 2: Free diving Mode
    • Diving data: NDL time, depth,Temperature,diving speed
    • Battery mode: CR2450
  • FAQ

    Q1:Do you need to activate the dive mode before entering the water or is it automatic?

    A1: Before diving, you need to manually enter the dive interface, Set the dive conservativeness level (SF) oxygen content of gas bottle. After entering dive mode, long press S3 to exit dive mode to prevent misoperation.

    Q2: In the nitrox mode, does this watch allow 100% O2 to be inputted?

    A2: This watch Nitrox Set Range of 21%~56%, can not support 100%

    Q3: About the World Time function

    A4: The currently sold version optimizes the diving function and free diving function, and deletes the world time

    Q4: Why is Waterproof 100M, but only dive 50M?

    A4: Aqua is waterproof 100M, you can dive 100M, But the maximum depth that the watch can display is 50M, and the watch below 50M does not display the diving depth

  • Maintenance

    • Storage: please place the product in a cool place, do not place in dangerous environment, extrusion, pressure, high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, easy to fall, hard hit, etc. .
    • Do not remove the watch case by yourself
    • After use: especially after use under water or sea water, be sure to use clean water to soak and rinse.
    • The cleaning method is: remove the watch from the hand, gently grasp the strap and place the entire product in the water.
    • Soak in water for about three to five minutes, then shake gently.
    • Let the water flow into the slit to clean the salt.
    • If there are obvious stains, gently rub with your hands.
    • Do Not Bang in the Water.
    • Do not use a strong water column.
    • Do not use any cleaning solvent other than water.
    • After cleaning, put it back on your hand or put it in a cool place.
  • Functions and Features

     Time display function, display time, minute, second, month, day week, 12/24H, initial value is(2020-1-01 12:00 00 WED )

    Alarm function

    Countdown function, the initial value of (0:00.00,23:00(0FF)

    Stopwatch function, the initial value is (0:00’000, (0FF)

    Step counting, exercise time, pace, mileage, calories consumption

    Altitude, relative altitude

    Air pressure curve, air pressure, air pressure curve view (24H)

    Exercise time record, movement relative height view.

    Scuba diving Mode, NDL time, depth,Temperature,diving speed.

    Free diving Mode

    Diving log (99 records)

    Compass calibration function

    Low-power reminder

    Backlight function

    4 key functions

    Use the Battery CR2450


    • Waterproof 100M 2. Scuba Dive 3. NDL Time
    • Safety Factor 5. Nitrox 6. Free Dive 7. Compass
    • Altimeter
    • Barometer
    • Thermometer
    •  Step
    • Date&Time
    • Stopwatch
    • Countdown
    • Alarm
    • Back Light
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Scuba dive:

Before scuba dive we need to set safety factor and oxygen content
1. CONS (Conservative)
2. NORM (Standard)
3. AGGR ( Non-conservative)
CONS level can be the shortest decompression diving time, AGGR level can be the longest decompression diving time.

Compass Calibration:

Before scuba dive we need to calibrate compass

  1. The upper area shows the week and current time
  2. Display the azimuth angle in the middle area
  3. Display the position on the lower area

Scuba diving mode:

Compass angle---359
Diving depth in M/FT---18.8m
Dive/Surface speed---10m/minutes
NDL TIME--- 160 minutes
Current time---5:06
Current temperature---18.8 F

Altimeter & Barometer

Altitude---1033 M
Air pressure chart
Current air pressure--1003hpa

Luminous display

Still Clearly visible in extremely dark environments


GLASS: tough, scratch-resistant glass, high light transmission
WATCH CASE: 316L stainless steel corrosion resistance








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