• Description

    Waterproof night vision helmet plus waterproof night vision goggles for hunting with WIFI. Ideal for hunting, security patrols, night surveillance and night wildlife observation.

    Image resolution:
    Ultra-definition resolution, can record ultra-definition images and video files.

    Picture mode:
    There are two image modes, black and fluorescent white/green, to restore the night effect of the image enhancement tube.

    Night vision effect:
    Professional night vision mode, can be used in a completely dark environment, under starlight illumination without turning on the infrared light, can work and walk close at night; see all details clearly when the closest working distance is 20cm.

    Wifi transmission:
    Can transmit ultra-clear images to mobile devices via wifi for collaborative work.

    Electronic gyroscope:
    It can display real-time position data on the display screen, such as NW7 °, N89 ° and other position data, to avoid loss. And provide position data for co-workers in collaboration.

    Head mounted adapter:
    Special tilting bucket bracket, super stable, can change a variety of angles and adapt to different users.

    New operating system:
    Stronger plasticity, can support multiple OEM from customers, multiple languages, auto shutdown setting and other functions.

    Waterproof and dustproof grade:
    Professional IP66 protection grade.

  • Specifications

    • Optical Zoom: 1x
    • Digital Zoom: 1x... 2x... 4x and 6x
    • Optical lens size: 17.5 MM
    • Optical lens: IP66 waterproof
    • Working temperature: -40 to + 50 ℃
    • Blue coating on lens: night vision enhancer.
    • Field of view: 25.5x14.5°.
    • Eyepiece adjustment range: + 2 ~ -5D
    • Low light observation distance: 200m/656ft/219 yards
    • Dark observation distance: 100m
    • LCD screen size: 0.38" LCD screen size: 0.38"
    • LCD Screen Definition: 1920*1080p
    • CMOS Sensor Size: 1/2" (larger than usual size 1/3" or 1/2.7")
    • Video Resolution: 1080p*1920: 30FPS
    • WIFI function: Support
    • NM lamp: 1w
    • IR level: 1,2,3
    • Battery type: Rechargeable battery (18650)* 1pcs (included)
    • Night working hours (Application and lamp on): 3 hours
    • Night working time (WIFI on): 5 hours
  • Menu language

    • English
    • Spanish
    • Japanese
    • French
    • Portuguese
    • Italian
    • German
    • Russian
    • Simplified Chinese
    • Traditional Chinese
  • Complete equipment package

    • 1 * night vision
    • 1*18650 battery
    • 1*USB cable
    • 1 * Power adapter
    • 1 * Battery charger
    • 1 * Black lens cover
    • 1 * Paper manual
    • 1 * Cleaning cloth
    • 1 * Quick helmet holder (optional)
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Maximo Leffler

good item~~~

Julio Fay


  • Buyer's questions

    Question 1:Does this binocular record color, color video/photos?
    Answer: No, only two modes for night and day, green view and white/black view.

    Question 2:Is it waterproof?
    Answer: It is waterproof with IPX6 level, that means you can't go in the water with it but it will resist in the rain.

    Question 3:Does it also work during the day?
    Answer: It works very well for day and night light environments.

    Question 4:Are they good for people who wear glasses?
    Answer: Yes, they are easy to use with glasses.

    Question 5:Can they be installed on a military helmet?
    Answer: Yes, it can be installed on the helmet. It is the best night vision device to install on the helmet.

    Question 6:Can it be configured for right eye use?
    Answer: Yes, it can be configured for both right and left eyes.

    Question 7:How many yards can you see with this?
    Answer: Tested at about 80 yards you can hunt a deer.

    Question 8:Does your set include battery, and suitable for what type of battery?
    Answer: yes, this set includes 18650*1 lithium battery, which is long lasting and durable. And the removable battery system avoids the problem that the battery is damaged and cannot be replaced.

    Question 9:Is the image of the night vision device clear?
    Answer: this night vision device has a multilayer broadband cost lens to ensure high light transmittance and high. Refractive index, making the image clearer and brighter in the field of view.

    Question 10:Is it suitable for use at night or in a dark environment?
    Answer: Yes, it is very suitable for outdoor, especially at night. Small in size, suitable for night hunting, camping, fishing, bird watching, scouting game, security and surveillance, night boating, wildlife watching and other outdoor activities.

    Question 11:Is it waterproof in any way?
    Answer: IP66 waterproof, the buttons are waterproof.

    Question 12:Can you see heat with it?
    Answer: No, it is not an IR system.

    Question 13:Is there a laser illuminator?
    Answer: Yes, it has a laser illuminator. The laser illumination adopts 850NM

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