• Description

    Why choose us?
    1. Our water dispenser can filter 99.99% bacteria,
    2. It can filter impurities such as hair loss when pets drink water
    3. Change the water once a week so you have no worries

    The same quality you'd expect from your own water, now available for pets.
    Meet our next-gen solution to musty water containers and fountains: PetCare self-cleaning water fountain features our proprietary ultrafiltration technology to get rid of unwanted containments.

    The water fountain is proven, by the testing institution, to remove 99.99% of Impurities in the water [Check our Carbon Ink Purification Video]. So the water stays fresh and clean for your pet's everyday hydration routine. The nature-inspired design that unleashes pets' primal drinking instinct makes PetCare irresistible for pets.

  • Specifications

    Is Smart Device: NO
    LCD Display: No
    Material: Plastic
    Power Source: Charge
    With Water Dispenser: Yes
    Max Output: 2000g
    Time Setting: No
    Min Output: 50g
    Type: Cats and Dog

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Every drop of water filters through three layers of our rigorous purification system.

When it emerges at the tip of your pet's tongue, it contains none of the harmful contaminants and only the good nutrients.

First, the stainless steel filter catches hair and debris. What makes it special is that the stainless steel filter can be detached on demand, even when the fountain is still on. Second, the foam filter prevents residue buildup in the water. Last but not least, the exclusive ultrafiltration filter works its magic, removing any harmful contaminants larger than 0.01 microns.Ultra Quiet

The premium pump runs very smoothly—always below 35 decibels. What's more, the waterfall is designed to hit the shallow end of the pool and flow to the deep end, which drastically reduces the splash and unwanted noise.

Unique Ultrafiltration Filter

Unlike traditional non-woven filters with a short lifespan of merely 15 days, our ultrafiltration lasts up to 90 days. You only need to change the filter every season, which is less costly and less hassle. The date wheel on the filter comes in handy to remind you when to replace it.

Intuitive Design

The water fountain features a translucent bowl that allows you to see the current water level at a glance. If the water level becomes too low, the built-in sensor will detect it immediately and stop the pump automatically. The fountain has no static electricity build-up, making it absolutely safe for your pet.

Goodbye Tip-overs

Naughty kitty cat won't stop knocking over things? Worry no more! The fountain's pawsome cubical shape is particularly stable. The non-slip silicone pads on the bottom add extra safety.

Enjoy a tidier home without ever worrying about tip-overs.

Try PetCare Cat and Dog Water Fountain

At PetCare, we stand behind the design and quality of our products. Every PetCare water fountain was made with craftmanship, love and care.

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Customer Reviews

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Adelia Trantow

LW PetCare | 2.5L Automatic Pet Water Fountain with Patented Filtration Technology

Jody Runolfsson

LW PetCare | 2.5L Automatic Pet Water Fountain with Patented Filtration Technology

Darion Upton

LW PetCare | 2.5L Automatic Pet Water Fountain with Patented Filtration Technology

Ora Ritchie

LW PetCare | 2.5L Automatic Pet Water Fountain with Patented Filtration Technology

Johnathan Breitenberg

My cats loved it! Very easy assembly. Delivery well before the deadline. I recommend it.

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